Hot Tubs In The Winter, In Montana…

So you’re new to Montana, or new to buying a hot tub in Montana, and you want to know what winter use is all about. Well here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions:   Can you use a hot tub all year in Montana? Absolutely! We have thousands of hot tubs in operation 365 days a year all throughout Montana. From the frigid temperatures of West Yellowstone, to the massive snow loads of Cooke City, you can absolutely run and enjoy a properly insulated hot tub all year in Montana. Are winter power bills extremely high on hot tubs? Not if the tub is insulated for properly for our extreme weather. In the 40 years we’ve been in business in Montana, we’ve seen a lot of hot tubs manufacturers come and go, but we’re proud to have sold, delivered, and maintained more hot tubs than any other dealer in Montana. Speaking from experience, we know that the line of spas we carry is built to handle our climate, without costing a fortune, so that you can enjoy your spa for many years to come. Can hot tubs be delivered in the winter in Montana? Absolutely! We deliver hot tubs in all conditions, all year long. We have the experience and know-how to get your delivery done properly, even in the most extreme conditions. Will the temperature drop when using the tub in extreme cold? Again, this is a question of finding a properly insulated tub. Our Hot Spring Spas are designed to maintain there temperature during usage, especially when wired 220V. Although a degree or two of drop is possible during prolonged use in extreme cold, we have thousands of customers who are soaking comfortably in the harshest of conditions. What winter elements should I be considering when planning for a hot tub? The distance from the hot tub to the house is the common factor that we see overlooked when planning a hot tub for the winter in Montana. We’ve found that the farther a tub is from the home, the less likely you will be to use it in the winter. Although a space far from the home may seem more secluded or scenic, it’s also important to consider how likely you are to run a long distance in extreme cold after getting out of the tub.   If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us directly at 406-586-5850 or email us at

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  1. I have a 2020 Hot Spring Spa Vanguard model. If the outside weather is below about 35 degrees, I’ll consistently lose a degree every 15 minutes and it will continue to drop below 100 and not ever come back until the cover is closed. Is that what I should expect? My local dealer points to the dumb guideline that a 20 minute soak is all that Hot Spring recommends, but I don’t buy it. Is there something wrong with my tub or is the heater just weak?

  2. Can I put my hot tub up next to the house? Is there a requirement to how far it has to be? It’s coming in a few weeks. Thanks!

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