What you need to know about ozone:

•Ozonators can reduce your dependency on chemical sanitizers making it easier to maintain proper water quality in your spa.

•When used in conjunction with your regular sanitizer (like chlorine or bromine), ozone helps kill pathogenic bacteria, germs, and viruses. This leads to better water quality than with just chlorine or bromine alone.

•Research shows that up to 60% of home spa ozonators are generating insufficient ozone, or none at all!

•Typically, most ozonators last about three years before needing replacement.

•Bubbles are not an indicator of sufficient ozone production. Bubbles may be present even if no ozone is being produced.

•Because ozone production drops off gradually, you may not immediately notice the change.

•If it is more difficult to maintain clarity, more difficult to properly balance the spa, requiring more chlorine or bromine, or odors are more noticeable in the water than when the spa was new, your ozone system may no longer be functioning.

The Mountain Hot Tub Ozone Replacement Program:

We want you in the cleanest water possible, that’s why we are happy to announce special savings on ozone replacements while supplies last!

Standard pricing for ozone replacement:

•$413.60 ozone unit with injector

•$96 service call

•$225 complete plumbing purge and new start-up


Promotional pricing details:

While supplies last, we are waiving all labor charges, discounting ozone units, and including a complete plumbing purge to get you back on track for just $399.95!

TOTAL PRICE WITH PROMOTION: $399.95  (total savings: $334.65)



Or you can simply give us a call to schedule your ozone replacement.