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The Most Common Reason For A Hot Tub Not To Be Heating, Is A Flow Issue

This May Result In The Display Showing ‘Protection Mode’ Or The ‘Power’ & ‘Ready’ Lights Flashing


The Most Common Causes Are:

– Dirty/Plugged Filter(s) –

Dirty filters can contribute to both mechanical and water born issues. Dirty filters can harbor bacteria and may be unable to remove further debris or particulate from your spa. If a filter becomes too dirty it can prevent your hot tub from properly circulating and heating itself. This can also lead to reduction in jet pressure.

If the Power or Ready indicators on your hot tub are flashing remove your filter(s) and check that they are properly cleaned. Rinsing filters monthly and soaking them in Filter Cleaner every 3-4 months prevents most problems. If your hot tub is unable to run and heat itself you may be forced to remove your filter(s) until they can be properly cleaned or replaced. After removing your filter(s) turn off power to spa for 30 seconds, then restore power and allow the spa several hours to reheat. If the spa still does not function properly contact us for service.

– Air Lock –

Air lock is a very common issue that generally occurs after draining and refilling a tub. It is important to note that properly filling your hot tub is the best method of preventing an air lock. To properly fill your tub, make sure that you insert your hose into the filter standpipe while filling your tub. The standpipe is the area left vacant after you remove your filter. The standpipe is the one with an opening at the top of it. Note: only one standpipe is like this in units with multiple filters in the compartment.

However, if you still believe you have an air lock, there is one simple step that you can try prior to calling for service. With the filter removed and power off, insert garden hose all the way down into the filter standpipe and turn hose pressure to high. With water running, turn the power back on to the tub. This may assist the tub in burping itself and removing the air trapped inside. On some models, it may help to activate the jets.


If Your Controls Are Not Functional & You See A Padlock Icon:

– Spa Lock –

If your controls aren’t functioning, i.e. the jets will not turn on, lights do not change functions, and the control panel is not responsive in any way, it is very likely that the Spa Lock feature has been engaged. To confirm that this is your issue, look for a closed padlock symbol on your panel. To disengage this feature on the traditional panel, simply hold the ‘Options’ and ‘Lights’ buttons for approximately 3-5 seconds until the lock icon disappears. For the floating remote, simply tap the settings cog, then HOLD the off toggle next to the ‘Spa Lock’ option for approximately 3-5 seconds. For more information please visit the Mountain Hot Tub YouTube channel and view our video titled ‘How To Unlock Hot Springs Controls: “Spa Lock”’. The video is also available at

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