American Whirlpool Model 151

The American Whirlpool® 151 offers a quaint experience with seating for up to three people, including a lounge seat equipped with calf and foot jets.


Length: 83 in
Width: 63 in
Height: 30 in
Primary Specs
Seating: 3
Weight (empty/full): 604 lbs/ 2,204 lbs
Water Capacity: 182 gal
Total Jets: 20
Additional Specs
(4-Wire): 240V/30A/40A
(3-Wire): 120V/15A/30A
Export: 250V, 50 Hz, 1x10A
Lounge: 1
Programmable Filter Cycles: Yes
Treated Wooden Frame: Yes
DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry: Yes
Thermo-Lock© Insulation: Yes
HDPE Sealed Base: Yes
Stainless Steel Jets: Yes
Dynamic LED Lighting: Yes
Pump1: 1.5Hp/3.0bHp, 115V, 2Sp
Pump1 (Export): 2.0Hp/4.0bHp, 230V, 2Sp
Pillows: 3
Lounge: 1
Aurora Cascade Water Feature: Yes
3.5'' Underwater Spa Light: 3